Blog #0002 May 1 2022 - Making my way to Helsinki
Today I started my bicycle trip around the world. At 8:00 I was seen off by some close friends and relatives at my home in Myrskylä. For some days I had butterflies in my stomach and now it was finally...
Blog #0003 May 2 2022 - My first day in Estonia
Have you ever thought that cycling was a pretty bad idea and wondered if sailing wouldn’t be a valuable alternative? Well, I have; and that on the second day of my trip. But let’s go to the...
20 Brandö Fisktorp Campingplatz
Blog #0001 "You are crazy!" - Some thoughts about motivation and sanity
“You are crazy!” A very common response I encounter when talking about my plan. Some people wonder if there are compelling and sensible reasons to cycle around the world. In my opinion, yes,...
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