"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

(attributed to Leonardo da Vinci)

Random-roads.com – the website to document the bicycle journey of a lifetime. Cycling around the world for seven years. 

My roughly planned route

(Changes to the route may, and probably will occur due to wars, civil unrests, natural disasters, trigger-happy highwaymen or personal preferences)


Blog #0008 May 7 2022 - Along the eastern coast of Eastonia to the Latvian border
Day 7 of my cycle journey On a leisurely day I cycled a relaxed 51 km along the beautiful, pine forested coast. Close to the Latvian border I found a deserted campground. Rain was predicted...
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Blog #0007 May 6 2022 - Along the eastern coast of Estonia to Pärnu
Day 6 of my cycling adventure A lovely spring day brought me from my beach in Paatsalu to Pärnu, via Varbla and Pootsi. Again, I was following the coastline of Estonia. In Pärnu, I...
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Blog #0006 May 5 2022 - Cycling Saaremaa and Muhu
Day 5 of my cycling adventure Beautiful day, all day. The weather got warmer, the birds were singing and chirping like there is no other day coming, and also my direction changed: I...
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blog #0005 May 4 2022 - Hiiumaa - an enchanted island
Day 4 of my cycling trip: Today was by far the best of my cycling trip. Beautiful weather and somewhat warmer temperatures, as well as a subdued wind made cycling heavenly. The sun...
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Blog #0004 May 4 2022 - Along the northern Coast of Estonia
Day 3 of my cycling trip: Sometimes cycling becomes easy, even if the circumstances are not. Again, battling headwinds on the Estonian northern coast I made my way from Meremoise, where...
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Blog #0002 May 1 2022 - Making my way to Helsinki
Today I started my bicycle trip around the world. At 8:00 I was seen off by some close friends and relatives at my home in Myrskylä. For some days I had butterflies in my stomach and...
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