Blog #0028 May 29 2022 – Sprinting to Gdansk

Day 29 of my cycle journey

On a rainy day I put in a big shift. Cycling 95 km from my guesthouse to the city of Gdansk, via Wembley Stadium. Although the wind and rain were against me, I was able to sprint to Gdansk, reaching it when the sun just came out from behind the rainclouds and presented to me the city in its best light.

It was time for some rest days. I hadn’t had rest days since Klaipeda, 9 days earlier, and I noticed the weariness from constant cycling. The decision had been made to put in one more big shift and cycle the 95 km to Gdansk, regardless of the weather conditions. So, I left early (8:00 am). The first thing I passed was “Wembley Stadium”. In some hamlet just before Elblag the local sports club had been very creative and named its rather pitiful football pitch after the “temple” of English football. I found that very comical and it amused me quite a bit. Further I went, downhill mostly, to Elblag. This city once had one of the grandest old cities in the entire Baltic region, but the WW II saw that this would not continue. The town was almost completely destroyed in the war, and its restoration couldn’t do the original justice. Still a nice old town, though.

From Elblag I made my last cycle sprint in the month of May 2022. Although the rain and the wind were trying to annoy me, I cycled like a devil the last 65 km on almost level ground and on good cycleways to my destination. With the help of music, self-motivation by promising myself a hot bath, and sheer willpower, I cycled 65 km in 3 hours. I had never done a faster tour on m fully loaded bicycle before, and I am cycle touring for five years. I arrived in Gdansk and like on command the sky opened up and showed me the old city in a golden afternoon light. I knew then that I would fall in love with that city. The waterfront of the old city with its main sight, the old harbour crane, immediately made a profound impression on me. But before I would jump right into this jewel of a city a few things, promise is a promise even it is to yourself, would have to be done: I took a long hot shower in my apartment, which I had rented for three nights. I went to the store to by dinner and I watched a movie on the internet. In short, I relaxed to the fullest. Tomorrow would be the time for the city.

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